How do I Replace a 99 Dodge Caravan Headlight Assembly?



    • 1). Open the hood and disconnect the Caravan's negative battery cable.

    • 2). Disconnect the electrical connector for the headlight.

    • 3). Unscrew and remove the retaining bolt on the headlight assembly's upper bracket and pull the headlamp out of the body.

    • 4). Rotate the bulb holder's retaining ring counterclockwise and pull the headlight bulb holder out.

    • 5). Pull the bulb out of the holder, grasping it by the base.


    • 1). Push and insert the replacement bulb into the bulb holder, holding the bulb with a shop rag or gloves to prevent getting your skin oils on the bulb glass.

    • 2). Insert the bulb holder into the headlamp assembly and turn the retaining ring clockwise to secure it.

    • 3). Place the headlamp within its hole in the body from outside the van, lining up the hole in the mounting bracket with the hole in the radiator support panel, and apply the retaining bolt.

    • 4). Plug in the headlight's electrical connector.

    • 5). Connect the battery cable with its cable clamp and close the hood.

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