Website Redesign Keeps The Customer Interested

The reason many businesses are reticent about redesigning their websites is due to a fear of losing their identity, or rather, becoming unrecognisable to their existing customers. The truth is that those who do update their site’s image and functionality to fit with the times enjoy more customers than those that are averse to change. After all, when Madonna changes her hair color we still know it’s her, right? And doing so doesn’t damage or lessen her popularity, it actually boosts it.

It’s the same with a business website. At WR Web Design the premise is that a change is much more than a rest. It’s a means to boost business and keep existing customers and new ones interested. If you consider a radical redesign for your business website you can send out pre-change notifications that let the world know you are going to be presenting a new face very soon.

Your business website is one of the most impacting tools you have in your power. And it pays dividends to have it sharpened from time to time. It’s still the same tool, it still works for your business, but after website redesign it does the job far more effectively and looks better too.

The Internet is a fast moving environment, so while you might refurbish a brick and mortar store once every five years or so, you might think about making changes to your business website more frequently. The beauty of having a home on the web for your business is that the whole thing is evolutionary; you make small changes on a regular basis to suit the needs of your customers as you learn about them. More revolutionary adaptations to your site would be wider spaced. Website redesign ensures that your site matches up to the expectations of online users. And they are a discerning lot. They’ll quickly bounce out of your site by hitting the back button if it doesn’t do what they want when they want it to. Speed, functionality and ease of navigation are vital. Alongside cutting edge design and quality content these factors can really influence how successful your business is online.
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