How to Connect One Bluetooth Phone to Another

    • 1). Select one phone to serve as the target phone, meaning the device that will be found by the other.

    • 2). Set the target phone to "Discoverable" mode. Navigate to the phone's Bluetooth menu and select "Options" or "Modes" to activate this mode. This will allow the primary cellphone to detect the target phone and establish a connection.

    • 3). Navigate to the Bluetooth menu on the primary cellphone and choose "Search for Bluetooth Devices" or the equivalent option. A list of Bluetooth devices in range will appear, usually listing device type, such as cellphone or headset, and the model name. Select the target phone and hit "OK" or "Pair."

    • 4). Enter the four-digit password on the primary phone when prompted. It will send the pairing signal to the target phone. When prompted, enter the four-digit password on the target phone as well to confirm the pairing.

    • 5). Click to accept the connection if you are prompted to do so. Check the connection by attempting to send a file using Bluetooth from one phone to the other.

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