Resistance Band Exercises: Better Than Free Weights

Resistance Band Exercises are a powerful way to exercise at your home, in the health and fitness center as well as when you're on holiday.
They are inexpensive, don't take up virtually any room within your suitcase or home and can be used in any place in the house, workplace or hotel.
In certain ways resistance bands could be more appropriate than dumbbells or even machines for creating the optimal level of resistance which explains why I take advantage of them at the health club regularly as opposed to the more pricey common equipment.
What makes the bands better than other forms of resistance to achieve a particular goal is because of the properties of the elastic band.
As soon as the bands are stretched as well as elongated they generate extra resistance.
Quite simply, while you pull on them the lengthier they get the far more resistance they furnish.
Naturally, when they are fully stretched they'll not generate any more additional level of resistance but nobody trains with them thoroughly elongated.
Steps to make resistance band exercises more efficient: One method the resistance band could be more advantageous are exercises where you are weaker at a point in the particular movement where the bands are not stretched and stronger at a point in which the bands are elongated.
An example of this may be the squat.
You may have observed individuals in the health and fitness center squatting along with metal chains hanging on the bar.
They are doing this because once you squat down to ninety degrees in your hips and knees (the bottom of the motion) you are at the weakest point in the exercise.
When you raise your body up you then become stronger.
Simply by putting chains on the bar; subsequently, the bar gets heavier as more chain lifts off the floor.
The chains put more weight to the bar when you're stronger and less weight when you are less strong.
Resistance bands may be used the same manner as chains during the squatting example.
It is possible to secure the resistance band next to your shoulders and stand upon the actual band and add more some challenge exactly where you prefer it during your squat exercise while both at home and on vacation without having to deal with free weights for added resistance.
The best advantage to the bands is they tend to be so versatile.
You can create resistance from virtually any angle.
They can be mounted on almost any high, middle or low point within a doorway then one can perform a never-ending degree of exercises.
They work perfect for slow controlled movements in addition to explosive exercises.
Checkout more videos aboutresistance band exercises by clicking the link.
By - Mike Cola
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