A Spanish Teacher Finds Freedom on the Internet

I previously taught Spanish at a high school in Honolulu and a university in Phuket, Thailand. I also taught in both public schools and private schools in Hawai'i. In all cases I loved my students and found the work rewarding, however, I eventually realized that I was trapped. As a teacher, I may have had the summers off, but I did not have the freedom to travel during the school year nor the freedom to continue my studies at the university during the day. I could have gone to night classes or weekend classes, but I would have been exhausted and would have had no social life. Besides, the courses I wanted were offered only during the day at the university. I was limited to a few short weeks in the summer. Though I recognize I had more time than others in the job force, it was not enough for me. I resented the fact that I was limited in income, how I taught, and what I taught. Always, I had to summit to someone authority.

My income in fact was linear. I was trading time for money. For each month of work, I received a certain amount of money. I traded time for money, but not necessarily quality work for money. It didn't matter how hard I worked, I had reached a limit to my income.

To do the things I wanted in my life, I needed more time and money, and there was no possible way of getting it if I continued working at a job. I needed to find a way to get residual income: income that continued to pay over and over for my services, income that would grow as I increased both my quality and productivity.

Besides more income, I wanted time to travel, study, visit my friends and family whenever I wanted, not when it was convenient for the school. Because schools gave the most time for vacations, other jobs were not options. I may have made more money at a different type of job, but would end up having less time. The more I thought of my problem, the more depressed I became. I soon realized that I could no longer face going to work or finding another job. Even as a freelance translator, I was still paid once for my services. I wanted more. I had in fact become what is called, psychologically unemployable.

Now, I am ecstatic in being psychologically unemployable. I'm proud to be unemployable. I'm not a slave to anyone now. I'm free from what in reality is paid slavery. I don't ever have to go back. I encourage anybody who truly wants freedom to look for an online business. One that is automated to give you time freedom. One that teaches how to market online, because the best product, service, or website is useless if no one knows it's there. Most importantly, find a company that teaches how leadership and entrepreneurialism. Going from a worker to successful business owner is transformational, and so, changing one's mindset is the most important step in the process. Go for it!

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