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BMW, Chery, Fuji, Great Wall, Porsche, Tata, Toyota... and the list goes on. Automobile manufacturers the world over are responsible for the production of over 60 million passenger vehicles on average in a single year or 165,000 every day. It's not surprising then that there are a multitude of options available for the consumer when purchasing a new car, truck, or SUV from top of the line to bare basic models to zero down payment and lease options. For the Fiat's, Nanjing's, Renault's, and Volvo's of the world, that amounts to billions of dollars in revenue each and every year in new car sales. For the consumer, it amounts to what can easily be an overwhelming shopping experience. At Access Roadside Assistance we want to help make the new car buying experience a bit easier with the following list of tips:
Tip 1: Double check your purchasing power. It's important that you are able to afford not only the monthly payments on the purchase or lease but also the accompanying insurance, registration, maintenance, and even roadside assistance club membership costs. If you are trading in another vehicle you also need to take into account any residual value from that vehicle.
Tip 2: Buy with all of your passenger's needs in mind. Take into consideration storage and seating capacity, accessibility, leg room, etc and the needs of any future drivers of that vehicle.
Tip 3: Only buy what you really need - in terms of drive (4 wheel versus 2 wheel), transmission (manual versus standard), safety features (i.e. traction control & stability), fuel economy, and add-ons (i.e. remote starters, stain proof treatments). It's easy to get sucked in by add-ons you really don't need.
Tip 4: Consider a warranty package: The basic warranty for most vehicles is good for three years or 60,000 kilometers with some manufacturers also covering up to 5 years or 100,000 kilometers. It's important to know exactly what the warranty covers as additional coverage usually carries a higher premium.
Tip 5: Don't pass on the test drive: Always, always, always take a test drive before buying. It's important to assess the car inside and out by looking at everything from how ergonomic the layout is to turning radius and visibility allowances. Paying attention to even the smallest of details may sway your decision in a way you weren't expecting or help avoid an untimely call to your roadside assistance club.
Tip 6: Go in prepared: Do your research in advance on everything from price, freight, and delivery charges to taxes, financing, and local promotional offers. Research the reputation of the dealership and their staff. Read new car reviews and ask around for recommendations from others in your social circles.
Tip 7: Call us! Even the newest vehicles on the road encounter their fair share of roadside emergencies so make sure you are prepared with your roadside assistance club membership. It's the perfect new vehicle accessory!
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