How to Practice Conscious Economics

Practice Conscious Economics Be conscious of what you buy and how it affects others.
Be conscious of buying things that hurt our earth, its creatures and our fellow humans.
This is a task that is difficult to find perfection in, but every little step helps.
Every dollar you spend makes a statement.
Every company you support or product you buy is a reflection of your beliefs and values.
We have seen a new economic model slowly emerging this last 25 years.
I call it "conscious economics" because people are now realizing we can make a huge difference in the world by the economic choices we make.
What we buy makes a huge difference in the products offered and the price.
Look at the evolution of Organic food? It is now offered in most grocery stores.
Natural food stores have grown tremendously over the last 30 years.
Many people now understand what organic is and why it is a more conscious choice.
This evolution occurred because people started buying this type of food.
They asked for it and were willing to pay extra for it.
The market changed for the better.
This is conscious economics, powered by the choices that people made.
The same has happened with animal products and with environmental "green" products.
People have led the way by making a conscious choice.
You don't have to change overnight.
Small steps are as important as big ones.
Yet any step is better than none at all.
When you buy products and weigh their impact you are in a sense voting with your dollars.
You are making a powerful choice and a personal statement.
No matter who is in "power" politically, the "power" of the economy and of the people has the final say.
This is a wonderful thing that we can do to change ourselves and the world.
How do we practice conscious economics? 1) Start applying conscious economics to your daily and monthly spending habits.
2) Research and support positive companies and products.
3) Vote with your dollars and money.
You have the power and choice to help alter the system.
4) Change occurs when we choose certain products and services.
The power of the economy is in your hands.
5) Speak out for a more humane and compassionate economic system.
6) Teach people by example.
7) Slow down on consumption.
Learn to buy only what you need.
By taking these small steps you can make a big difference in your life and the lives of others.
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