Pixie Faries; Mystical Faries - Elves in Folklore and Myths

I stood outside the doorway looking down the path.
I thought of the box set out on my table.
I had not opened it as yet.
I stood there feeling the sun warm measures of new days met my name.
I had picked flowers earlier in the day defined their unspoken pleasure set them in vases with branches from trees...
trees I do not know the name of.
I thought of the box pixie faries mystical faries all those elves in folklore and myths.
I thought of the box ribbons of gold tape keeping it well sealed the contents inside feeling most alone.
I had just returned the mountains of Africa had been my pathway.
I met the stride with optimism and hope.
I had known an adventure I would never be the same.
What would all the mystical faries say? I had not mentioned them before not out loud.
I stand in the doorway back home again wondering about them.
Wondering about myself if I would ever be able to sing all those old tunes again.
I would always cherish their lyrics their melody had been my comfort my enemy my confusion at times.
Pixie faries mystical faries did they understand? Had they been patient? Did they wait for me? I had known them so well once long ago.
My childhood held out for fantasy.
I left them there though somewhere on the path to adulthood.
I long to charm them again.
I hope they will accept my fragile promise said when I was young.
I would always love them remember elves in folklore and myth see fantasy in the flowers climb trees and see far beyond the grove.
I turned back toward the contents of the box it sits beneath a vase of roses on a table inscribed with Chinese drawings.
I left my necklace made of seeds there purchased for remembrance the mountains of Africa forever at my call.
A book of Rumi pages open setting a stage for sentiments and understanding.
I walked inside the room picked up the box.
I looked up sensing a presence and there you stood holding the ribbons already knowing what was inside.
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