Labrador Retrievers - A Great Family Dog

Labrador Retrievers, best known simply as "Labs" have many wonderful qualities which make them one of the most popular choices of dog lovers.
Labs are friendly, even tempered, outgoing, great with children, smart, easily trainable, eager to please, and have such a great heart.
This breed continues to be one of the most popular breeds in America according to the AKC® registration statistics.
Labs come in three colors: black, yellow, and chocolate.
They are considered to be a medium sized dog ranging from 55 to 80 pounds with females on the lower end of the scale.
Besides being a family pet, this breed is equipped for many jobs which include being a hunting breed, used for search and rescue, and also used as guide dogs.
Unfortunately, they are predisposed to hip problems so maintaining a good, healthy weight is important.
Our black Lab was the sweetest girl.
She was such a good family dog but in her later years, was stricken with blindness and struggled with hip dysplasia.
Of course not every Lab will contract these diseases, but it is important to understand that every breed carries certain health risks and to fully understand each of them before deciding on a breed is important.
Our girl, Nikki, loved to chase bugs! She could entertain herself by chasing butterflies all over the yard.
It was fun to watch and what a great way for her to get her exercise! By simply asking "Where's the bug?" she would quickly search the skies for the nearest flying creature to chase! Labs are extremely easy to train because they want to please their human.
One of their favorite things to do is swim.
They love being in and around water and their coats are designed for this.
They have a double coat that is water-resistant.
However, they do shed and do require regular brushing of their coat.
Labs are also very athletic and as with any breed, daily exercise is a must to keep your friend happy and healthy.
Because they are a retriever, they relish in playing fetch with their humans.
If you are in search of a family-friendly pet that is intelligent, not aggressive, is gentle and loving, then you have found your match with a Labrador.
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