Which Weight Loss Programs Really Work?

If you haven't figured it out by now, there is a vast difference between something simple...
and something that's easy.
Have you ever wondered how much of the diet and fitness industry is based on this fact:that most people can't seem to get away from treating the two as equals? Of course, no one really wants to correct this type of thinking as many company bottom lines are at stake.
Think about how many times you've recently heard how "simple" a specific weight loss program is or how "simple" it is to gain an obscene amount of muscle mass.
If you take notice, most shy away from the word easy.
Face it, quick weight loss can be a simple process in itself...
but how many people can really claim its easy...
not to mention safe? What makes things even worse is when uneducated people take a "not so easy" simple process and destroy it by creating something that's always inherently more complex.
You'll see this happening when people start to combine the "simple" steps of more than one "easy" program haphazardly, thereby creating some "master plan".
But that's another crazy story in itself.
The real moral of the story: Simple and easy don't mean the same thing ==> They are not synonyms
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