SEM SEO - Saturday Morning Q & A

Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions that involve online marketing-particularly SEM & SEO.
Here goes...
Question 1: What's the difference between SEM & SEO? SEM, which stands for search engine marketing, is a more comprehensive collection of online marketing tools and tactics.
SEO is simply organic search engine optimization-going after search results alone.
Many prefer SEM's more comprehensive approach that includes not only SEO, but also PPC (Pay-per-click) and other quality traffic-producing online marketing strategies.
Question 2: If I already have a good SEO strategy in place, should I still consider SEM? Absolutely.
SEM takes an approach of building on already effective SEO and reaching niches that have otherwise been left by the wayside.
SEM aims to be ROI positive at all times.
Or in other words, we're experts at using SEM techniques like PPC to increase your sales to the point where the extra advertising expenses more than pay for themselves in increased profits.
SEM can be a very effective way to do exactly this.
Question 3: How do I know if my SEM campaign is working? Well, the results should really speak for themselves.
Keeping up to date with tracking and reporting is always a good idea to get the full picture of how your online marketing strategy is working-but when quality, effective SEM is working, you'll notice an increase in visitors for sure.
If it's working well, you should also see the complimentary increase in conversions, lead development, or sales.
Question 4: If I'm already using PPC, why should I add SEO? PPC is great.
It's remarkably traceable and tweakable-which helps you dial in the best possible results for your website.
And really, this is also exactly what SEO does too-it's just that SEO is "free" in the fact that once your site has been optimized, there are no ongoing per-click fees associated with each visitor attracted to your site.
The bottom line is that PPC and SEO work really well together to ensure no stone is left unturned.
Question 5: Can my web designer take care of SEM for me? Possibly, but unless this is one of their specialties, it's probably best to go with professionals that specialize in proven-results oriented SEM.
SEM is much more closely related to marketing and advertising than graphic design or web development.
Because of this, not all web designers are proficient-or even want to work-with search engine marketing.
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