Discover What You Can Do to Make Your Ex Absolutely Ache to Have You Back Again

Of course all you want right now is to make your ex feel just as he/she did before the break up.
This is not as impossible as it probably seems to you right now, as long as you go about things in the right way.
Try to think logically about your situation, and realise that to make your ex yearn for you again, he/she needs to be completely out of the picture for the moment.
You too need to take some time to get all the crying and heartache out of your system, and this doesn't happen overnight.
It takes a few days, and in some cases, a couple of weeks for you to feel like your old self again.
Stop worrying about your ex at this stage, and concentrate on healing your self right now.
In any case, it is said that absence makes the heart go stronger - how true.
With each passing day that you do not see each other, your ex will be getting over the anger of the break up, and other emotions will start to take over.
If you are not around, this can actually make your ex yearn for you again.
When you think about it, you are actually playing a bit of a waiting game.
Try to be the stronger one, and DON'T make contact with your ex.
Keep yourself busy with your friends instead of sitting around telling yourself just how bad you feel.
Let your friends help you to get through this.
You don't actually have to discuss anything with them - after all this is a private matter between you and your ex, and no one else.
Just be with them, and let their company help you through the bad time.
Eventually, your ex is going to start to miss you so much, and will want to see you.
Sooner or later, your ex is not going to be able to stand it anymore.
All the waiting is going to make your ex yearn for you again - more than ever and your ex will waste no more time in suggesting to you that you two get back together again.
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