How to Put on a Mattress Cover

    • 1). Double check the measurements of your mattress before you open your mattress cover. Some pillow top and plush mattresses require "deep pocket" mattress covers. A mattress cover should fit very snugly, so sizing is important. This is especially important for allergy protection mattress covers.

    • 2). Remove all bedding from your bed, including mattress pads. Vacuum your mattress thoroughly to reduce allergens before putting on a mattress cover. If needed, deodorize the mattress at this time as well. This is a good time to wash all of your bedding.

    • 3). Stand your mattress on end. If you are covering a mattress larger than crib size, it really is a two person job. Be sure to allow space to each side of the mattress to put on a mattress cover.

    • 4). Open and unfold the cover. Align the mattress cover with the head of the mattress. Be sure that any seams line up evenly. Begin slowly pulling the mattress cover down the mattress. Ease it down evenly on both sides. Mattress covers can be vinyl or fabric. Allergy protection is often determined by the tightness of the fabric weave. Fabric mattress covers will be consistently more comfortable but less waterproof than vinyl options.

    • 5). Lay the mattress flat and zip the zipper. Zippers are typically located at the foot of the mattress. Consider taping over the zipper to reduce the risk of allergy exposure using masking tape. Be careful when returning your mattress to your bed, lifting rather than sliding it, particularly if your cover is vinyl.

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