Internet Marketing - "Me Too" Approach

When you copy someone else's approach to Internet Marketing it is important to maintain your own common-sense view of the situation.
The basic rules of nature don't suddenly become invalid, so you need to plan to operate within your financial capability and stay focussed on your course of action so that you remain motivated to execute your plans effectively.
You may have begun to learn about internet marketing as part of your search for a new job, at a time when you are open to many opportunities and you are vulnerable.
It is valuable to consider all the options available to you, then talk to your friends or, if you don't have friends you can talk to, then write your thoughts down and come back to them in 48 hours to see if your views have changed.
My advice is to decide your personal strategy of how you will spend your disposable time.
Look at your lifestyle situation and see how much time you have available per week to spend researching work-related subjects.
Then make yourself a strategic plan on how you will spend that time, decide your split between conventional job searching and CV preparation, self-employment opportunity research, increasing your own general knowledge, doing the job you may already have, helping other people with their life-goals etc.
Avoid allowing interesting new topics dominate your time, give all your important interest areas a fair share of your disposable time.
Make sure you maintain a big share of your time for yourself, your family, your friends, and your existing hobbies and interests, because they are your source of balance and perspective for your new research.
When you are thinking of starting a new business venture your enquiries will open up channels of communication with many people who have something to sell, to you.
Make your own set of buying principles and stick to them.
Suggestions are to avoid buying on first meeting, avoid committing to fixed long-term contracts, always compare the service being offered with other suppliers before making your decision.
Having said all that, do not be afraid to look for opportunities.
You can make your dream happen.
Do it determinedly with you in charge and you will be proud of your results.
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