3 Little Known Tips for How to Get Pregnant With a Boy Baby

It could also make sense to assume that you might be trying to find information on how to get pregnant with a boy baby, as you're reading this article.
You might be wondering if you can have a say in the odds of baby gender selection and if there is something you can do to choose the baby gender.
Well, you will be happy to know that you can increase your odds of doing so by as high as 90 % by doing three simple tips.
Conceiving a Boy: With baby gender selection, it all boils down to getting the sperm with the right chromosome to the egg.
It is only the matter of getting chromosome Y to get a boy, and the X to conceive a girl to the healthy egg and have a successful fertilization.
Once you know that, you need to know that sperm with chromosome Y (boy) doesn't live as long as the one with chromosome X (girl) but can swim much faster and usually gets to the egg first.
It also doesn't like being in the acidic environment.
To conceive a boy, you will want to take advantage of this fact.
You will want to use the chromosome Y's strength as a fast swimmer by making sure it gets to the healthy egg at the right time in the right environment.
Make use of the right timing to get pregnant with a boy baby Since the boy sperm doesn't live as long especially in the acidic environment, it is best to make sure that it gets to the egg for successful fertilization in time.
That is no later than on the day a woman ovulates (or one day late as the latest).
The key here is to know when you ovulate.
This can be achieved by using the ovulation predictor kits, if you haven't been doing the natural ovulation charting.
The accuracy of the ovulation prediction has to be razor-sharp accurate therefore, I recommend using the ovulation predictor kits.
They might be a bit costly but consider the odds of conceiving a baby boy you can make, it is definitely worth every penny.
Choose the reusable saliva predictors as they are cheaper in the long run and you don't have to use in only early in the morning or the first morning urine.
Certain sexual positions can improve your chance to conceive a boy The idea behind certain sexual positions to increase the odds of conceiving a baby boy is to make sure the weak boy sperm gets to the egg fast.
So what you want to do is to shorten the distance.
Any positions that provide deeper penetration will help make it easier for the sperm to get to the egg to save the boy sperm from the long trip.
Lower a woman's acidity with the right diet to get pregnant with a boy Manipulating a woman's acidity can significantly improve your chances of conceiving a boy.
Since the boy sperm can't survive well in the acidic environment like the girl sperm, you will want to want to make sure your diet has a lot of alkaline foods.
(Bananas are known for doing the job.
) Lower the intake of sour fruits like berries and citrus for the time being and drink lots of water to flush out the acidity in your system.
You can use the PH test strips available from the health food store or pharmacies, to measure your PH levels in the vaginal area before having an intercourse to conceive a boy.
If the result is still acidic by the time of intercourse, try doing body douche.
Use baking soda and water mixed together.
You can opt for other painless recipes available online, and keep testing before hands in small amounts to see your reactions.
If you are extremely acidic, I'd recommend both the alkaline diet and mild body douche over short period of time (for the body douche, only use it for a few days before the ovulation time).
Lastly, to make sure you get it right when it comes to how to get pregnant with a boy is to address all the tips mentioned above.
The outcome of this has a lot to do with how committed you are in making it happen.
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