How To Correctly Use The Opinion Opener To Get Her Number

I was at this party once, and I was sitting with a female friend of mine.
This guy came over and tried hitting on her.
Tried being the operative word.
First, he commented on her blouse.
Then he asked her where she bought it.
Now, it's one thing if you have a legitimate reason for asking something like this, but just straight out asking where she buys her clothes sounds pretty weird.
The first rule, then, is to actually be interested in her opinion.
Imagine something about her might help you somehow.
One popular opener is to mention your sister or your cousin.
Something like this is usually taught: "I was thinking of getting this for my sister, which is better, this blouse, or that one?" While this can certainly get the conversation going, it might not end up well.
Sure, some girls will flattered that you came up with such a corny reason to get to know her.
Other girls will be offended if they find out you lied to her.
It would certainly suck if you two hit it off and then she found out you didn't have a sister.
So, what do you do? Buy something for yourself.
Choose a couple of shirts, or a couple of ties, and ask her which one she likes.
You can do this with pretty much any product.
Once I opened a girl in the supermarket by asking her how many ounces were in a cup, while I was looking at a recipe.
It was an honest question, she gave an honest answer, and we had a pleasant conversation.
Then her husband showed up, but that's another story.
The bottom line is that asking an honest question based on the surroundings is always better than spitting out some canned question.
This requires that you be pretty nimble on your feet.
You are in some store, and you see an attractive women.
You've got to quickly look around and find a couple of items that you may seriously buy.
Choose both, and then ask her which one is better.
How she answers will tell you everything.
A short answer, even if it's an accurate answer, is no good.
It means she's not interested.
A long, thoughtful answer that leaves room for more is perfect.
Take whatever she gives you, and peel off the conversation in another direction.
If you get positive signals, tell your busy but you'd like to talk to her further, number close her, and get the heck out of dodge.
Nice work!
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