How to Introduce a Pit Bull Puppy to an Adult Dog

    • 1). Introduce the Pit Bull puppy to the adult dog in a neutral location at first. The adult dog will be territorial at home and look at the puppy as an intruder. Keep both the puppy and adult dog on a leash and don't let them too close at first. Eventually, allow them to sniff each other, which is their way of greeting one another.

    • 2). Give the Pit Bull puppy and the adult dog treats during the introduction. This positive reinforcement will help them like each other more. Stay positive during the introduction and continue to reward both dogs if they get along.

    • 3). Interrupt sign sings of aggression, such as baring teeth, standing hair or long stares, with a toy or command.

    • 4). Allow for normal behaviors once the dogs meet. If the puppy is playing too much with the adult dog, the adult dog may growl a little to tell the puppy to back off. As long as the adult dog is not harming the puppy, allow the behavior. It will teach the Pit Bull puppy its limits.

    • 5). Take the Pit Bull puppy and adult dog home once they seem to be getting along or at least are tolerating one another and they have ceased all greeting behavior.

    • 6). Avoid leaving the Pit Bull puppy alone with the adult dog at first. If your adult dog is not well socialized, the normal warning signs could turn to aggressive or violent behavior and the dog could hurt the puppy. For at least a few weeks, keep the dogs separated at night and when you're not home.

    • 7). Give your adult dog time with you -- and plenty of attention -- without the puppy. If your adult dog can see that the Pit Bull puppy is not going to steal your affection, then your adult dog will be more likely to accept and get along with the puppy.

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