Reel Mower Vs. Mulch Mower



    • In a reel mower the blades spin vertically. On a mulching mower the blades spin horizontally.

    Effects on grass

    • A mulching mower leaves the lawn looking more manicured than does a reel mower. However, reel mowers are better for the grass because they sever the grass blade cleanly. Mulching mowers have blades that beat the grass many times per second, leaving the grass more vulnerable to disease and yellowing.

    Effects on environment


    • Image by, courtesy of Daniel Rothamel

      Reel mowers are typically used on golf courses, where grass is maintained at a short height, and mowing occurs several times a week. A reel mower cannot cut high grass. Mulching mowers are able to cut high grass, and therefore are useful for homeowners who mow their yard weekly or biweekly.

    Time Frame

    • It takes longer to cut a yard with a reel mower than it would with a mulching mower. This is because a mulching mower engages a clutch which propels the mower, as opposed to the reel mower, which is manually pushed.


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