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Owning a computer has become an essential part of our everyday lives.
A computer not only serves as a tool to connect us to the world, but as an instrument which simplifies otherwise monotonous and time-consuming activities like maintaining records.
A little research will show you that the monitor is the most expensive unit of the PC system.
With a little information you can easily save money by purchasing a functional and cheap computer monitor.
The computer monitor is judged on a lot of factors other than the screen.
They are set according to the resolution.
If you want to admire graphics, then monitors with a high resolution will work for you.
With this type of resolution the pictures will immediately fit on the display panel.
Your investment in a high-resolution monitor will go waste if you are going to use this only for checking email or occasional websurfing.
You will only end up having tired eyes straining to read a high-resolution panel.
A cheap computer monitor can be obtained at a resolution of 1024 by 768.
If at any point of time you find the characters to be too small, than you can always lower the resolution to 800 by 600.
Although you can raise the resolution rate, this will cause the lowering of the vertical refresh rate, or the speed with which a panel draws an entire screen.
This will cause the screen to flicker and give you a bad headache.
The best resolution rate is considered to be 85Hz.
To keep your eyes healthy, buy the biggest size you can afford.
It will take some time to find a cheap computer.
If you are patient enough to check out all the options, than you will definitely get the best deal.
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