Things You Must Know When Choosing Medication For a Cat Bladder Infection

If you are like me, you probably want to do the best for your cat to keep them healthy and happy.
So, when my cat kept having persistent bladder infections and I had to keep giving him strong antibiotics every few months, and visiting the vet, I knew I had to check into other alternatives.
First, if your cat is suffering from the pain of a bladder infection seek medical help.
After the infection is treated you can then move forward.
I found that once a cat has a bladder infection it is not uncommon to continually have them.
I started thinking, what causes this condition and what can I do about it? I found out there is quite a bit I can do about it.
And, rather than waiting for the next round of pain, vet visits and harsh antibiotics I put the suggestions to work.
Stress, reduce it.
Just like us, animals with a high stress level have reduced immune function.
This can be a result of moving to a new house, travel, new person or pet in the household.
Make sure your cat has plenty of fresh water.
The more water your cat drinks the better able his bladder can flush out the bacteria.
Dry food can cause dehydration because the cat is not receiving enough fluids and not enough fluids can mean a bacterial buildup if he is prone to bladder infections.
Establish a homeopathic supplement program which will aid the bladder to resist infection and can maintain proper pH levels.
The normal medication for cat bladder infections is an antibiotic treatment which disturbs the natural flora of the intestine and can cause yeast infections.
I personally don't like taking antibiotics and will try anything homeopathic before I do.
I wanted the same for my cat.
I wanted a homeopathic remedy for cat bladder infection! Natural medicine can complement your veterinary medicine when it is needed, but it also assists the bladder by creating a healthy condition or environment where bacteria can not exist.
A remedy for cat bladder infection should have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification which guarantees the consistency, reliability and optimal purity and should contain certain herbal properties to assist the bladder.
These should be but are not limited to arctostaphylos uva ursi which maintains pH levels and other herbs which support the immune system and maintain the flow of urine.
So, go ahead and put these suggestions to work.
You will not be disappointed.
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