Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Holiday

If you're planning on going away for a holiday, what better way to enjoy it than by saving a bunch of money! The money you save can be better spent on the beach drinking your favourite cocktail!

If you're used to popping down the local travel agent for your holiday booking consider trying the internet instead. Not only can you compare several holidays in one sitting, you can also browse through a range of prices and checkout the best deals. Booking your holiday as a package can be convenient but it can also be more pricy than booking each part separately. This is something the internet can help with.

Firstly you can save by pre-booking in advance. It used to be a good idea to wait until the last minute and book something. This can still get you a good deal but often with business travellers, last minute deals can be just as expensive, if not more.

Use a price comparison website. Price comparison websites allow you to compare a huge range of services and goods across the board. Of course the sites usually take a commission for passing your business over to the travel company, but they will also be driving down the prices because they can generate a huge volume of sales for the companies.

Cheap flights can be found online and often the cheapest flights are from inconvenient airports which might be out of your way. Stansted airport for example is often the name associated with cheaper flights. If you do find a good deal from an airport like Stansted make sure you find the travel cost to the airport. I once paid about €‚20 for a flight to Germany from Stansted but paid around €‚100 for my train tickets to get there (From Leeds).

There can also be a few hidden extras when you find a cheap flight. Insurance and taxes can mount up so check you have all the facts before booking.

You can find inclusive deals which help you budget for your holiday. Inclusive deals often tie you in to the hotel where you are staying so make sure it's a good one. Although the inclusive deals are good to help you budget, self-catering deals can be a cheaper option. You will need to budget your spending once you are away but self-catering gives you more choice as to what you want to do on each day of your holiday.
Using an all-inclusive deal can save you a huge amount of time and stress. If you book all aspects separately you will have to think about travelling to the airport, transfers, hotels and food and drink. There is also travel insurance and exchange rate to think about and it's worth checking out the internet for your foreign currency too.

Often after you have found a cheap flight you can be stung for your airport parking and end up spending the money you have saved on leaving your car at the airport - particularly if you leave it until the last minute. Comparison websites are available for airport parking too and you can equally save a considerable amount of money here.

Make sure you book in advance too as the price will rise as your departure date gets nearer. The time of year you are flying will also have an impact on the cost of your airport parking. Summer months are notoriously busy so plan early if you are thinking about travelling during the warm season!

If you find a cheap flight from Stansted and are driving, make sure you organise your Stansted Airport parking through a reputable airport parking comparison website.
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