Ash furniture - a sturdy product

Just as people accessorize themselves, rooms can be accessorized with the help of exclusive pieces of furniture. They can add glamour and sophistication to any room. There are pieces which carry not just the designer tag but are highly sturdy and durable. People would like to have furniture which looks good and at the same time is long lasting. One has to make a prior decision about the wood, the color of the wood and many other factors which govern the decision making.

Predominantly there are three types of wood, Oak, pine and ash. All the three have some unique features which makes their usage exclusive. Oak furniture [] is the one which is very much in demand over the centuries. The quality of oak wood is that it is very strong and sturdy. The wood is heavy and has power to with stand any kind of rough and tough use. It is a highly rugged wood. The strength of the wood makes it suitable for making beds, chair, dining tables, wardrobes and sofa. Although the smaller or the functional units are also found in oak furniture mostly the heavier are preferred in this wood.

After oak it is pine furniture [] which is traditionally used. Pine wood furniture is as popular as the oak one. It is a comparatively soft wood and practically anything can be made out of the pine wood. It can be used for heavy articles like beds and dining table and with equal ease be used for side boards or a chest of drawers. A coating of varnish is the best way to preserve the wood. Pine furniture has been In use since a very long time. Furniture both traditional as well as conventional can be made from it. Choice of the style of the furniture is dependent on the individual. One likes to have a very traditional style and the other may want to have a modern look. The style can change from room to room as well. The versatility of the furniture makes it easy to match it with the surroundings.

Ash furniture has features which are found in both pine and oak furniture. It is strong like the oak and glossy like the pine. Its versatility matches with that of pine. It is the least expensive when compared with the other two and it is the main reason for its popularity to soar up so high. One can find in the collection of the ash furniture all the articles which are found in any house. Beds, dining tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers for the bed room and a host of other articles which can be found in any room of a house. The greatest advantage is that ash furniture needs very little maintenance. Stylish furniture for day long use can be carved out of this wood.

Wood furniture has always been in fashion and is here to stay. Oak, pine and ash had always been the favorite of many. It is possible to buy them from online stores. Choose the right article of furniture and make the home a better place.
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