How To Escalate Escalation With Amazing Results

Most girls need to feel a certain level of comfort with a guy before they'll allow themselves to physically escalate.
You've got to talk to her for a while before you can get the number, go on a couple of dates before you can sleep with her, etc.
Sure, they're exceptions to every rule.
If you walked up to a hundred girls in one afternoon, and asked all of them to go to a hotel, you'd likely get a couple that would say "yes.
" Similarly, if you asked for the phone number within twenty seconds of meeting her, you'd collect a lot of numbers.
But these numbers aren't likely to be "high value.
" Meaning that yes, you got her number, but you haven't really created any attraction and there's not yet any chemistry between you.
On the other hand, if you spent six months chasing the same girl before kissing her, chances are it would be a very "high value" kiss, one you'd both remember, and perhaps even look back on the rest of your lives together.
But let's be serious.
We don't want to chase a girl for six months before kissing her.
Nor do we want to make it a habit of trying to kiss close every girl we meet.
The good news is that there is a way to get the best of both worlds.
Meaning you can dramatically decrease the time it takes to get there, while maintaining that "special" feeling that makes it seem like you've taken a lot longer.
When you get really good at it, you can generate those special, long time coming, feelings within a twenty or thirty minute conversation.
How? The secret is fractionation.
It's something from hypnosis.
It was discovered by accident.
A hypnotist realized that the more his patients came to see him, the easier then were to hypnotize.
Then he started hypnotizing them, and then de-hypnotizing them, and then re-hypnotizing them within the same session.
Pretty soon, he took what used to take several months, and was able to achieve the same levels of deep hypnosis and complete release of conscious resistance within one sixty minute session.
And in case you haven't noticed, hypnotizing a client is very similar to getting a girl feeling those feelings and emotions that are necessary for physical escalation.
You've got to remove conscious resistance, and allow them to feel comfortable expressing those inner desires.
This is extremely easy when using the versatile and powerful language patterns of covert hypnosis.
They'll allow you to turn a normal conversation with any girl into an emotionally supercharged seduction she'll never forget.
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