A World Of SharingExamining The Role Of Social Media In 2013

A World of Sharing Examining the Role of Social Media in 2013
I have worked for a web design and marketing firm in NYC for many years. Like many of you, I remember the days before social media became something that companies spent advertising dollars on. Businesses spent their money on top website designers who had the flexibility to focus on design and functionality without all the plug-ins for shareability. Maybe those were simpler times. But maybe the challenge of integrating social media into design has forced us, NYC web designers and beyond, to be more innovative. Its not always bad to get a little kick in the creative mind. One thing is clear, in a short amount of time social media has transformed the way consumers treat the internet. Even the top corporate websites have links to their youtube channels, blogs, and invitations to be liked or followed on facebook. Lets take a look at the industry standards for social media incorporation in 2013.
At our New York web design firm, our online marketing specialist recommends that in 2013 attention should be paid to quality over quantity. This wasnt always the case but recent shifts reward organic growth over flooding the internet with content. That means, in a nutshell, it has to be content worth sharing. Social Media relies on the assumption that your business gets to hop into the living rooms of your target market and hang out with a captive audience. Weve seen, however, that this is not exactly true. Marketing NYC restaurants, for instance, can have more success if it they attract existing customers to their facebook page who click that like button. What the restaurant now has is a new
follower PLUS an endorsement of their eatery to all of that new followers friends. This is what we mean by organic. This method can bemore effective than paying for ads.
To capitalize on the role of social media for 2013, top website designs should include a share it widget next to content sections. In one step, users can email, post to facebook , Reddit, Pinterest or tweet and reach all of their followers. Remember not to limit your focus to facebook but explore all available channels. In some ways it forces businesses and professional website designers into being more creative. For instance, we advised one of our recent clients developed an Ask An Expert section on their website. They were really struggling with how to incorporate social media for their heavy industry field and the Ask An Expert feature encouraged repeat visits to their site and is routinely shared on social media platforms.
Be creative and allow social media to work for your business, rather than the other way around.
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