Haix Boots

A wide spectrum of Haix boots is available for rough and tough use. These offer protection to the feet under dangerous conditions without really compromising on the comfort at any point of time. This is the reason these boots are so popular amongst a wide variety of professionals. There are military boots, police boots and boots for fire fighters and rescue personnel. There are special boots also for those working in forests or other adverse work conditions where there could be substantial risk to the feet. There are hunting boots too which offer great versatility combined with excellent performance.

A good example of the excellent quality of Haix boots is offered by the Airpower P9, a combat and field boot that is made for rugged usage and is durable under all kinds of conditions. These boots are waterproof and are ideal for usage even in the hot weather conditions of a desert. You can also use these boots in mountainous terrains. The 17cm boots are made of a fine blend of 2.0 and 2.2mm leather and textile. The inside of the boots uses Gore-Tex technology which makes it not only breathable but also waterproof. It keeps the feet dry and comfortable in all kinds of conditions. The boots available over a wide range of sizes has an antistatic sole which offers good stability on wet and uneven terrains.

The Haix boots boast of a high-tech sole which is oil and slip resistant and also protects the feet from other dangers. For example, the fire fighting boots are cut resistant. The boots also boast of a convenient lacing system. While there are all round boots for all professions and all kinds of wear, there are boots which have been designed for specific purpose. You can purchase boots which are multi-functional and can be worn for long durations without really feeling the pinch at all. There are breathable low weight boots as well which come with comfortable lining and ventilation and can be worn not just for work but also for leisure.

You can also purchase special Haix boots, which come with self locking hooks for extra safety. Versatility of these boots is one of the best features. There are boots that are ideal for work, leisure and sporty activities. The utility of these boots is largely because of advanced features like functional foot adjustment which ensures that your feet are well secured, padded and protected. The cushioning to the feet is important in order to protect the feet from shock or high impact. Good boots usually ensure that impact from hard surfaces is not transferred to the heels. In fact, there are special boots from Haix with sporty features along with ankle high duty support that will hold the ankle tightly. There are also special leather boots which are ideally designed for SWAT teams. The boots offer sufficient protection to the feet from nails, splinters and broken shards of glass. You can also go for tried and tested Ranger boots from Haix as well.
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