Learn How To Talk Dirty To Your Man

So many people focus on the same things when trying to get better in bed.
They learn how to give a better blowjob, how to perform new sex positions or other different sex techniques.
One thing that they often forget about though is learning how to talk dirty to their man.
While many don't class dirty talk as strictly a sex technique, you should.
Here's why: It makes sex way, way hotter because it stimulates another of your man's senses instead of solely focusing on touch.
That's right, it's something your man hears as opposed to something he can feel.
People often refer to this as cerebral or aural stimulation.
So now that you know and understand the importance of talking dirty to him, what can you actually do to learn how to talk dirty? Here's what I recommend: 1) Start by learning just a few dirty talk phrases.
This is so that they are easy to remember to say to your man.
You don't want to be in the middle of sex trying to remember which 1 phrase of the 20 you learned are right for the situation you are in.
Instead, just try learning 2 or 3 phrases and master them before trying to learn some more.
As you progress, you will slowly but surely build up a large toolkit of different phrases that you can use.
It will take you a bit longer to do it this way, but it's totally worth it.
2) The best way to start learning how to talk dirty is to first start with tamer types of dirty talk and then as you get more confident, start to build up to more sexual dirty talk.
So you could start out using phrases like: "You look cute in those jeans.
"It's so hot when you're kissing me.
Pretty tame, right? Then after a while of this, it's time to get a bit more sexy and naughty.
So you might want to try some of these dirty talk phrases...
"I love feeling your dick in my mouth.
"I get so wet when you talk dirty back to me.
It's just like with learning any foreign language.
Start with what's easiest to say and then as you get better and more confident, start using phrases that are more 'advanced'.
3) Start in the bedroom...
then go from there.
If this is your first time talking dirty to your man, then you will find it far easier to start in the bedroom where you are both alone and in private.
Then as your confidence builds, start trying it out in other places: at a club, at a party or even while at a private formal function (this can be super hot!).
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