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When deciding on what kind of sauna bench to use, you essentially have two main choices - either standard benches that a manufacturer always has in stock or a specialty or customized set of benches to suit your particular needs and tastes.
Either way, there are plenty of options to choose from once you've nailed down a particular type.
If you go the standard route, you still have a few options.
First, you can decide on either a single- or double-bench layout.
Single layouts mean one bench surrounding the inside perimeter of the compartment.
A double layout means one elevated bench around the inner perimeter and one set right below it.
It almost looks like two stairs and allows you to have twice the bathers in the same room.
A standard sauna bench will usually be made from thin slats of wood in order to decrease the amount of moisture that collects on top, while preventing warping and discoloration.
Another advantage of thin pieces of wood on sauna benches is that you get more moisture circulating through the cabin.
Of course, if you have one of the popular infrared saunas, this will not matter because there is no humidity involved.
But no matter if you are using a traditional or infrared cabin, you should look for a sauna bench that uses vertical grains for maximum strength.
They should also be fastened from the bottom, to avoid leaving metal exposed.
Exposed metal from screws or nails can heat up in the sauna and potentially burn people.
Making sure the benches are fastened from the bottom also makes them look more uniform and attractive to the eye.
If you choose to customize a sauna bench, the sky is nearly the limit on what you can do.
You do not need to have the traditional flat variety - today's sauna benches come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and even contours.
You can go with a set that looks similar to park benches, or even contoured ones that look almost like the adjustable beds you see on television.
Throne-shaped saunas as a novelty are built into some cabins, while others are made to look like beds so that the bathers can recline and maximize the relaxation benefits.
Infrared cabins are the all the rage, and the sauna bench possibilities are endless.
Because infrareds use no steam, a larger selection of woods, colors and finishes can be used to enhance the appearance and even the comfort level inside the cabin.
You can get a great looking unit with unique sauna benches at a great price using an infrared cabin.
Once you choose a wood and decide on a custom or standard sauna bench all that is left is to decide on size, location and a heater.
When thinking of buying or building a sauna, the benches almost seem like an afterthought, but they should be foremost in your mind.
The more thought you put into your sauna benches the more pleased you will be with the eventual result.
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