The Little Mermaid - Act Two, Scene Three

This adaptation of "The Little Mermaid" is written by Wade Bradford, copyright 2012. It is loosely adapted from the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Schools and non-profit organizations may use this play, free-of-charge. (Professional organizations may contact the playwright regarding "for-profit" use.)

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Scene Three:

Setting: The Prince's Palace.

PRINCE: You promised, mother! I found have the princess to marry, that should satisfy you.

GERTRUDE: She has only been in our kingdom for one night and one day, she is a stranger to you. Why don't you marry someone close to you? Why not Ophelia?

PRINCE: Oh, Ophelia is crazy! All she wants to do is talk about her feelings. Kira is perfect for me. She doesn't talk at all!

GERTRUDE: We don't even know if she is a true princess.

LATCHKEY: Your highnesses, I present to you, Princess Kira.

Kira makes a grand entrance. She wears a beautiful gown.

PRINCE: You see, mother, how on earth could you have doubted her nobility.

GETRUDE: She may look the part of a princess, but something smells fishy. Latchkey!

LATCHKEY: Yes, your majesty!

GERTRUDE: Have you conducted the Princess Procedures?

LATCHKEY: Yes, your majesty, as requested, we made a mountain of mattresses wherein we place a single pint-sized pea, and Princess Kira tossed and turned the entire evening. Then, in the morning, my noble canine assistant (Kid enters) fetched a pair of glass slippers which fit each princess foot perfectly.

She then spun straw into gold, pricked her finger on a spinning wheel, and cleaned and cooked for seven dwarves of various personalities.

GERTRUDE: Well, then, she must be a princess. And, how do I ask this without sounded miserly, you did say that her father owns all of the pearls in the ocean?

PRINCE: Yes, mother.

GERTRUDE: Then, I approve of the match! Let the entire kingdom hear this proclamation: my son is finally getting married! (She exits.)

PRINCE: Are you happy, my princess? (She nods.) Then I am happy too.

KID: Why do you look so sad, Latchkey? You helped save her life. Now, that they have fallen for each other, the Sea Witch's curse will be broken. Kira will be spared from turning into sea foam.

LATCHKEY: Your wrong, my furry friend, I am happy Kira is safe. And, my prince, may I say I am happy that you have finally found true love.

PRINCE: True love? Oh, Latchkey, you needn't be so naive. Kira and I are very fond of each other, right my sweet? But true love? Why such a thing does not exist, as any man of science knows. This marriage is simply to make my mother happy, so she will stop bothering me. Once the wedding ceremony is over, Kira can have the run of the castle, and I will return to my scientific expeditions upon the sea. We will be the best of friends, won't we, Kira? (She is despondent.) You really don't say much, do you. Well, I best make the wedding arrangements so we can begin this delightful sham of a marriage. Ta-ta!

LATCHKEY: Miss Kira?

(Heart broken, Kira watches him go and then runs away.)

KID: Oh no! She hasn't won his heart. He doesn't really love her. that means the Witch's curse is still at work... If she can't make him fall in love then she is doomed!

LATCHKEY: I don't understand. How could the prince be so foolish not to see how lovely she is. Perhaps he simply needs more time, and a more romantic location than this dreary castle and his manipulative mother.

KID: So, they need more quality time together?

LATCHKEY: I know the most romantic spot in the kingdom. Tell her to be cheerful. I cannot bear to see her so crestfallen. (Exits.)

KID: Little Mermaid? Are you crestfallen? Yeah, I don't know what that means either. But I bet you are scared, and you miss your home. But my Great Aunt Lottie says no matter how bad things get we should always look on the bright side.

Kira smiles, thanking her, and gives Kid/Dog a pat on the head. She then goes to a mirror. She looks at her feet. Music begins to play and she dances. Through the dance (which is probably celtic and upbeat) we see that she is not ready to give up on her quest for life, freedom, and love.

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