Lucite Beads Are Fashion Trends for Jewelry Making

Lucite is an acrylic resin. It is truly the queen of diversity in jewelry making materials. Lucite was created in 1937 and was widely used in jewelry making. Lucite beads are inexpensive and easy to work with and resulted in lovely carvings and inlays. Lucite beads were manufactured in a wide variety of colors and run from opaque through to transparent. They were at the height of its popularity during the early retro period. However, they are still produced and very widely used today.

It seems that the names for all things plastic are hard to differentiate these days. Lucite is such a pretty word that it's easy to want to label all things plastic as such. However each plastic recipe has varying qualities that give tell-tale signs as to how to accurately label plastic botton bead. Lucite is generally much harder and more durable than acrylic. It is going to last much longer.

Many different types of Lucite beads containing brilliant colors in various styles were produced. These beads are currently prized by costume jewelry designers for their superior craftsmanship. Many jewelry makers and craters use resin beads to add a touch of pizazz to their creations. Those beads are dazzling material which you can easily turn into a beautiful craft item, whether you are giving the piece as a gift or you are offering it as part of your jewelry assortment. The Lucite beads have an extensive variation in their shapes, sizes and a variety of vibrant colors. They are sturdy and light weight when compared to other quality of plastics, even some people just thought they might feel heavier. Therefore, even though vintage resin beads are often cut in extremely chunky pieces they won't weigh down a necklace made entirely of them. This is an important reason behind their popularity, even if the vintage Lucite beads are not currently being manufactured and can be a bit difficult to find sometimes.

Given market trends, resin beads are far more widespread in today's world. If you would like to grow your jewelry business better, I would like to say you'd better to purchase some Lucite beads. Where to buy the resin beads and some a plastic button? will be a wise choice. It is a professional company specializing in jewelry beads, findings and gems for jewelry making. With over 3,500 Lucite beads in different styles, shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, I am sure you will find just what you need in Lucite beads or plastic beads.

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