Glyconutrients History and More

Glyconutrients were discovered during the 1980's.
It is rather interesting that it started out as research into the active ingredient in Aloe Vera.
When the active ingredient was discovered several years later and determined to be a carbohydrate.
Not just any carbohydrate but mannose in a complex molecular structure, the reason for this was the Mannose had to be stabilized which required it to bond to something else in order to remain stable.
This was the first step in discovering that Glyconutrients played an important part in the communication and function of the body on a cellular level.
If you would like to read, more about Glyconutrients there are a significant number of journals and periodicals that can be obtained which contain information on Glyconutrients and the studies done on them.
Some of these are Scientific America, MIT's Technology review even Harpers Biochemistry a medical textbook contains information on Glyconutrients and their importance.
Natural sources of Glyconutrients are all around us and surprisingly easy to come by.
The first is Mushrooms, for a long time people believed these had no nutritional value but they contain glucose, galactose and mannose all are known to be able to help boost the immune system of the body.
Saps and gums also contain things like galactose, rhamnose, arabinose and glucuronic acid, xylose and arabinoglactan depending on the gum or sap you are looking at.
These carbohydrate combinations can have anti-inflammatory benefits, anti allergic benefits; assist in blocking cancer promoting agents and aid in the recovery of illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome.
If you are looking for something natural to help your body consider adding mushrooms, saps and gums to your diet or foods which contain these naturally occurring foods.
This will help to provide you with the Glyconutrients you need to maintain a healthy and active system.
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