How to Buy a Good Car Battery

    • 1). Open the hood to your vehicle and locate the battery. Refer to the owner's manual to help you locate it if it is not in the engine compartment. Once you do locate it, wipe the battery top clean with a rag and write down any pertinent information on the battery label, including the cold cranking amps and the battery model number.

    • 2). Talk to qualified parts store personnel and ask questions about the different types of batteries and price ranges. You may not want to buy the cheapest battery, but you may not need the most expensive one, either.

    • 3). Determine and consider the cold cranking amps necessary to start your car and the duration of the warranty period for the battery you want. The parts store personnel person should be able to break down your options and assist you in choosing.

    • 4). Decide what battery is right for you and your car within the price range you desire. Make sure it has the same or better cold cranking amps as the battery it is replacing.

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