You Can"t Buy Everything: 4 Things Money Can"t Solve

Being financially secure is a goal that many people have, but there are many things it can't bring you. No matter how much you're able to earn or save, these four things cannot be bought with money.

1. A good marriage. Having a lot of money can certainly help you to attract a mate, but the kind of person you would actually want to marry won't stick around because of money alone. While arguments over money are often cited as a reason for divorce, the actual amount of money doesn't seem to matter. A real relationship based on trust and love is something that cannot be bought. According to many studies, the choice of life partner is the most important thing in determining someone's happiness in life. Not surprisingly, many happy couples who have been married for more than thirty years do not cite money as one of the things that brought them together.

2. A good relationship with your children. Money can buy your children toys, but what they need the most is a good relationship with their parents. The time you spend with your kids cannot be replaced or bought with money. Children from all types of homes with many different levels of income can append time with and learn from their parents.

3. A good reputation. Being admired and respected by members of your community has nothing to do with how much money you have, but rather how you treat people. A rich person who does nothing to improve the world around him or her will not be remembered fondly. Money cannot make a person live his or her life ethically. It also cannot repair a reputation once it has been damaged. Living honorably and treating people fairly can be done by anyone, regardless of how much money they have.

4. Your health. It doesn't matter how much money you have if you're not around to enjoy it. While money can buy you access to the best doctors, nothing can replace taking care of yourself. It costs nothing to eat right, exercise, and avoid bad situations, and these simple behaviors will improve the quality of your life more than anything that can be bought from a pharmacist.

Money cannot buy happiness is an often overused phrase, but it still holds true. Plenty of people have lived fulfilling lives without being rich. Focus on what is truly important, and you can lead a fulfilling life.
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