The Motor Specifications for a 1982 AMC 360

    • AMC, or American Motors Company, began as a merger of two companies in 1954: Nash-Kelvinator and Hudson Motors. The automobile model names associated with this merger resonated in automotive history: Studebaker, Nash and Packard. Other notable automobile model names followed, such as Rambler, Hudson Wasp, the Rebel, the Javelin, and the more modern Jeep. One of the notable engines AMC manufactured was the AMC 360. This engine appeared in more than one model of AMC car.

    Bore and Stroke

    • The cylinder bore of the 1982 AMC 360 was 4.08 inches while the stroke was 3.44 inches. The bore spacing was 4.75 inches.

    Horsepower and Torque

    • The horsepower of the 1982 AMC 360 ranged from 175 horsepower at 4,000 rpm to 220 horsepower at 2,200 rpm. The torque the engine produced ranged from 175 ft.-lb. at 2,400 rpm to 315 ft.-lb. at 3,100 rpm. These specs would vary according to the vehicle in which the 1982 AMC 360 was installed.

    Other Specifications

    • The length of the 1982 AMC 360 connecting rod was 5.875 inches. The main crank was 2.7472 inches long, while the main rod is 2.0944 inches long. The push rod length was 7.82 inches. The engine had hydraulic lifters. The diameter of the intake valve was 2.05 inches while the exhaust head valve diameter is 1.68 inches.

    Gasket and Clearance

    • The thickness of the head gasket was 0.048 inches while the volume of the head gasket was 10.95 cubic centimeters. The deck clearance was 0.012 inches while the volume of the swept clearance is 44.975 cubic inches and the block deck height was 9.208 inches.

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