Types of Grass for Roads



    • Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) is native to the prairies of the Midwest and Southeast United States. An aggressive and hardy growing grass, switchgrass can also thrive in a number of different moisture conditions and climates. Switchgrass has green and reddish-colored blades and grows well in most soils aside from heavy clay.

      Switchgrass is an especially good choice for roadsides that are slightly shady and wet, as switchgrass grows in full sun and partial shade and can tolerate flood seasons.

    Big Bluestem

    • Big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) is a hearty perennial clumping grass native to most of the United States and Canada. A good choice for low maintenance roadsides in need of a little color, big bluestem is blueish green with copper colored seed heads. Big bluestem can grow in full sun in both sandy and clay-based soils, as well as in acidic or alkaline conditions. It can also survive drought seasons.

    Wallaby Grass

    • As its name suggests, Wallaby grass is native to Australia. A tough perennial species of grass, Wallaby grass produces seed heads that are fluffy and white. Wallaby grass prefers sunny areas and can thrive in sandy, loamy and clay soil types. Wallaby grass is a good choice for nutrient poor soils that are frequently disturbed. It can also handle frost, drought and heat.

      Bidgee Wallaby grass (Austrodanthonia fulva) is a variety of Wallaby grass that is especially good in infertile or depleted soils.

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