Fastest Place to Powerlevel in "Borderlands"


    Multiplayer Co-op

    • Power-leveling is possible because of co-op play. When a high-level player joins a multiplayer game, the levels of the enemies in the game are slightly adjusted to the higher-level player. The experience points awarded for a kill are split between both players, making the low-level player gain levels very quickly. Alternatively, you can go to places that already have high-level enemies, which will award better experience per kill but be more difficult to kill.

    Lost Cave

    • The Lost Cave is located in the Arid Badlands and is populated by Skags, bandits and Larva Crab Worms. This location is found relatively early in the game, but with a high level player adjusting mob level, this can be a productive spot to gather experience. Skags and bandits are relatively soft enemies that appear in large waves. Larva Crab Worms also are plentiful, with quick respawns, so you will never run dry on easy experience.

    Trash Coast

    • The Trash Coast is found Southeast of Rust Commons East. The enemy selection is similar to what is found in the Lost Cave, with the inclusion of Rakks and Spiderants. Weapons with Corrosion and Fire effects will be useful in dealing with the large waves of soft enemies. Like the Lost Cave, this location is useful because of the quickly replenishing mobs that attack en masse.

    Eridian Promontory

    • The Eridian Promontory is the final map in the course of the game's main storyline and contains many powerful enemies. The high-level player, if she has completed the game once already, will have to host the game on her save so the low-level player can get access. Enemies here have either high maneuverability or extremely long-range capabilities. Low-level players should stay far away from the action, out of harm's way, while the high-level player runs through the map, killing everything in his path. The low-level player can pick up useful high-level weapons in the weapon caches along the way. Once the map is completed exit the game and start a new one.

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