How to Increase the Life of Your American Standard Heat Pump

There are a number of brands to choose from when you are considering on investing in a cooling and heating device and the American standard heat pump is one of the best names in town that you are sure to encounter.

But just like any other brands that it is competing against, the American standard heat pump also requires effort from its users in order to increase the number of years that it is capable of servicing its owners.

Although the item is built from the best parts, the exposure to various factors including dirt that is collected as the unit transfers heat from standing air, and number of years that it will be working can influence the overall operation of the unit. So how can owners increase the life of their cooling and heating device? Here are simple tips to follow in order to accomplish this.

Check the filter - each unit comes with a filtering system and ensuring the filter is still clean and capable of collecting dirt collected from the standing air will maintain or improve the performance of your unit. It is best to replace filters whenever necessary just to make sure that air flow is not altered so heat transfer is maintained. Filters that are also unclean would require more energy to function.

Check for duct leaks - one of the major sources of a heating device's inefficiency is the presence of leaks within its system of ducts. This will also contribute to less heat transfer as air flow is also altered. It is best then to take time to check each duct especially those which cannot be checked regularly as in the case of crawlspaces or attics. You can hire a professional technician to inspect the ducts or do it yourself. Similarly, fixing the leaks if you found one can be done by the technician or someone in the household by putting on metal tape or mastic sealant on the area where the leak was detected.

Do a routine check on your refrigerant - this is also one of the most important routine services that is necessary if you want to ensure that your unit will work for you for a longer period of time. This should be done by a professional at least once a year even when the unit is functioning well. Do not wait for instances of trouble or unit breakdown to call the technician and check your American Standard heat pump.
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