Coping with Eczema Effectively

Eczema is a skin condition which can be very itchy and frustrating. It covers various types of dermatitis including nummular eczema, allergic dermatitis, seborrhoeic eczema and atopic dermatitis. It isn't spread to others the way that scabies or rashes such as impetigo can be contagious but it can make someone feel very self-conscious. It is fortunate that it is not contagious as it can be a bit isolating at times to be suffering from an eczema rash and to add the fear of being contagious on top of this is adding stress to your life.

It can be very itchy for some people and requiring benadryl or other antihistamines such as zyrtec in order to get a good night sleep. Aside from pain, an ongoing itch is very difficult to cope with. When one gives in to the temptation to scratch the itch, complications can occur such as bacterial infections. This can complicate matters and with kids it is helpful to give them cotton socks on their hands before sleep.

The Center for Disease Control recently studied households around the US and found that food allergies were up eighteen percent in kids and these resulted in skin rashes as well as respiratory problems. This can be a clue to certain forms of eczema and isolating common allergens such as eggs, dairy and peanuts can be helpful in reducing flare-ups of the dermatitis rash. An allergist can test for food reactions and dust mites by a fifteen minute skin test. There are also patch tests that are left on for forty eight hours that will test for common environmental allergens. Seafoods can also cause allergies for some people. An allergist will also test for detergents and other items in the environment that may cause a reaction.

Food and environmental allergies however are not the only cause for eczema. Atopic dermatitis is analyzed by many as due to a genetic inheritance. This does not mean that the redness, inflammation and recurrences can't be controlled by creams, medications, anti-inflammatory help and nutritional supplements. Stress is a contributing factor and it's important to remember to engage in laughter and lighten up about the rash. Don't let it interfere with your social life or make you overly self-conscious. Most people are
focusing on their own issues and aren't scrutinizing others. It is not life threatening and through self-study you will gain control over the situation. Still this is hard for kids to remember when appearances are so important to them till they mature.

A key to a successful treatment of eczema is using moisturizer twice a day. Though you will also be using an anti-inflammatory agent such as cortisone to control the redness and rash, moisturizing is critical. For some they haven't moisturized, they find that their rash will clear up significantly by adding eczema to their regime. Often people with a rash feel they need to dry it out and refuse to use moisturizer. In the case of eczema however, moisturizers are both beneficial and essential. Having a plan and schedule for both using an anti-inflammatory agent and moisturizer is very helpful as are some supplements for your immune system.
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