The Boxer Dogs Description and History

The Boxer, a favorite with many dog owners, is another breed of dogs in which we are uncertain as to it's origin.
Most agree that the Boxer is a cross between a Great Dane and an English Bulldog which may have been developed to fight wild boars and bait bulls.
The current theory is that the origin of the dog's name backs this up.
Boxer is a corruption of the German word Beisser or biter.
Therefore, a bullerbeisser is a bull biter or bulldog.
Others believe that the name derives itself from the dog's manner of fighting with his front paws.
In any event, the first Boxers were registered in 1904.
Boxers were developed to serve as both a playmate and a guard.
Boxers are known for their well-controlled temper and thus make an outstanding pet.
These dogs have a great love for their master and are faithful to the whole family.
They are alert, independent, fearless, and a modest dog.
Boxers are short haired which makes them a cleaner dog and easier to take care of.
They are easy to train.
However, Boxers may develop tumors of the gum and they may occur at about the age of 7.
These are not dangerous but should be removed.
If not removed, the dog may try to chew on them and result in quite a bit of bleeding.
Some Boxers may have tantrums all their lives.
They salivate more than most dogs and this can be messy around household furniture.
Another potential problem is digestive disorders that lead to frequent vomiting and snoring.
The color is fawn or brindle and usually marked with white.
The coat is short, shiny and smooth.
It is tight to the body.
The weight is 70 to 75 pounds for the dog and 60 to 70 pounds for the bitch or female.
Height is 22 to 24 inches for the dog and 21 to 23 inches for the bitch.
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