How to Remove Temporary Tattoos

There's a lot to be said for temporary tattoos. You get a chance to decorate your body in a fun and funky way, but you're not stuck with a permanent design. In fact, fake tattoos are meant to come out very easily in the tub or shower. They can actually come off on their own if you give it enough time. However, it's usually best to get it all off in one fell swoop. While soap and water is the most recommended way to remove a tat, there are other ways to get the job done. Follow these tips and suggestions from Studio Tattoos for doing so.
Baby Oil
One widely advised way to get rid of a temp tat is with baby oil. Your first step is to saturate the application with baby oil. Then dab rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub over the tattoo with this. Let the solution sit for about 10 seconds before running the tattoo under warm water. Now pat the skin dry with a towel. You may need to repeat these steps if the tat remains. If your skin feels dry afterwards, put on some moisturizer.
Olive Oil
If baby oil doesn't suit you, feel free to use olive oil. Pour some oil into a cotton ball or paper towel. Then rub the ball or towel against your skin. The olive oil should cause the tattoo to dissipate. Next, wash this area with soap and water and pat dry.
Scotch Tape
You may not realize this, but you can use clear tape to remove a fake tattoo. This approach is recommended for those with smooth skin. Hairy surfaces may not do as well with this method. Cut off a strip that is as long as the tat. Press it down over the tattoo and make sure it is smooth and even. The tape should stick to the tattoo all the way. Then pull up the tape and this part of the tattoo should come off. Repeat these steps so you cover all parts of the tat and take it all off. Rinse the skin with water to complete the removal.
Mouthwash and Peroxide
Consider using household ingredients mouthwash and peroxide. Mix equal portions together. Now take a dry cloth and dip it in this solution. Apply the mixture to your temp tat. Scrub until the tattoo is gone for good. Rinse the skin with warm water and your work is done. For more tips, consult Studio Tattoos [].
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