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Too often misery loves company and too often people who are depressed seek out others to help them with their Depression and to make them feel better.
But have you ever noticed that if you hang around someone who is depressed for too long of a time that they end up depressing you also?Stop hanging around manic depressed humans if you find yourself falling into Depression.
Generally it is good to try to help people who are depressed and have empathy for them but do not let them drag you into their Depression trap.
I see way too many people who use the Depression trap in order to get stuff, try to make them selves feel better or find company in misery.
If you find yourself being depressed because of your friends around you then stop hanging around manic depressed people.
Even if you are a super star optimist a depressed person will eventually wear you down and make you slightly depressed also.
You should not hang around weak people or depressed people who constantly make excuses and complain about everything.
This is not good for your, as you might catch the depression virus yourself.
Such a depressed attitude will not help you in your positive outlook on life and there is nothing you can do for a manic depressed human anyway.
Chances are they need to start exercising and eating right and stop accusing everyone else for their problems in life.
Please consider this in 2006.
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