All Training And No Play Makes Jack Russell A Dull Dog

The right cross will soon become your favourite punch because this punch is thrown from your preferred hand which is usually the strongest.
From the guard position, the right cross is thrown in a straight line to the target and comes back in a straight line to the chin.
Unlike the jab which is more of an arm punch, the right cross is powered by a twisting motion of the torso and pivoting of the right foot.
As the punch accelerates, twist your hips and pivot on your right foot so your right heel swings outwards.
The right cross is a power punch but because of the weight transfer it can also leave you exposed without a boxer's stance for a split second.
This is why it is important to return back to guard as quick as possible.
You should never lead with your right cross - instead, probe your opponents defences with your jabs, create an opening then throw your right cross with power.
Practice the right cross on the heavy bag, using a light left jab to measure the distance, after the heavy bag, move onto a more mobile target like the focus pads, concentrate on maintaining your balance as the punch makes contact.
Keep practising and remember to visit UK Boxing Store for quality boxing equipment.
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