How to Build a Safe & Happy Cat Enclosure for 6

    • 1). Mark and measure the area of the planned cat enclosure. Place stakes at the spots designated for the cat enclosure's corners and gate posts. When deciding how big to make the enclosure, make sure there is enough room for the mother cat to care for her kittens while they're tiny as well as some space to move around after the kittens begin to leave their nursing area. Keep the cost low by building an enclosure just big enough for the needs of the cat family and the amount of time that they'll stay there.

    • 2). Dig four corner holes and two gate post holes. The holes should be to a depth of 2 feet and 3x3-inches wide.

    • 3). Pour prepared cement into these holes. To prepare cement for pouring, mix water with the cement powder according to the directions on the bag. Purchase cement mixture at hardware stores or home centers.

    • 4). Set the wooden enclosure posts into these corner holes immediately after pouring the cement. Buy pre-cut wooden fence posts at lumber yards, home centers or at a hardware store. These posts serve as the cat enclosure corners. The posts should stand as tall as the cat enclosure's height measurement. If you're building the enclosure in an area where wild animals may try to attack the kittens, make it high enough to deter such attacks. A six-foot fence will deter foxes, a common predators.

    • 5). Unwind chicken wire along the cat enclosure perimeter. Turn the chicken wire under at the bottom and place bricks on it to keep it secure at the base.

    • 6). Screw two hinge assemblies to one of the cat enclosure's gate posts. Screw the hinge assemblies onto the post with a screw gun, using wood screws.

    • 7). Screw two matching hinges onto the gate, matching them to the hinge assemblies on the gate post.

    • 8). Slide the cat enclosure's gate onto the fence post hinge assemblies. Ensure that the gate reaches the ground so that a predator cannot crawl under it.

    • 9). Attach a latch to the cat enclosure's gate. Attach the matching latch attachment to the enclosure's gate post.

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