What Is The Best Way To Get A Woman On A Date?

Have you heard that some guys can date up to five ladies a week? This may feel like a distant dream if you've been calling the numbers women gave you when you went out during the weekend to no avail and you're not getting any replies to your texts. But these guys know some secrets that they are not sharing. The good news is that any man who's willing to learn can pull it off. Here are some recommendations for you if you want to start developing your dating life.

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1. Take the Lead

It is not enough to say "let's go out". The girl you want to date would want to know what your plan is, and where you are taking her. Take the lead. If you don't take the lead, she will think that you are indecisive or you cannot make your own decisions.

Of course you can ask her what she wants to do, but that's for the next date. For the first date, it's suggested that you plan around an informal type of date. You can arouse her curiosity if you keep your plan vague, like saying you want to have good food with her on your first date and take her to a street food stall. You can also tell her that she cannot afford to miss the best pizza in town. Getting her curious is one great way of preventing a flake out. If you get her excited about your date, she won't be able to say no.

2. Ask Her to Hang Out

One of the main erroneous beliefs in dating is that guys think they've got to wine and dine the women they want to date. A date is not always a contrived affair where you've got to dress nice and spend hundreds of dollars on one meal. These kinds of dates are reserved for anniversaries and wedding proposals. In fact, an elaborate dinner may put too much demands on her; like you're expecting her to put out too soon.

Remember that the purpose of the date is to get to know each other, and you can only do this when you're relaxed. If she agrees to go on a date with you, it means she wants to get to know you better. Any casual yet entertaining activity will suffice. Your main target is to show her that you are a fun man to be with.

3. Prepare Your Place

If you're successful with dating and you end up going out with at least two girls in a week, it's quicker to lose all your funds on dates. Even if you spend a few dollars or so, or the girl is low maintenance, those few dollars could add up. Have an area where it is possible to listen to music, play xbox or simply sit around and sip coffee without being charged by the hour. In turn, she will feel more relaxed and prepared to get closer. Romantic feelings are bound to crop up if you're both comfortable.

The answer: make your living space more date worthy. If you have figurines that are accumulating dust in a drawer someplace, line them up for your new friend to see. Keep a CD player or a guitar around to help you play music when you feel like it.

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Since it's not unusual for many younger men to have roommates, make sure you explain the situation well. If you have someone you are living with, you should find a good way to make sure your roommate is not around when it's your turn to bring a date in. The most excellent way to do this is by coming up with a good rotation scheme so that you can leave when your roommate has a date and vice versa.
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