What is an Infusion Hair Weave?



An infusion hair weave is a hair extension method where human hair is attached to an individual's naturally growing hair. This technique can be done on all hair types. The technique generally is done to add length to the hair, but it also can add volume and increase styling versatility. It differs from other hair weave techniques in that it does not use glue, tubes, clamps or braiding, can last up to twice as long, does not use chemicals, and needs no equipment such as extensions that use ultrasound.

How It Works

In an infusion hair weave, an individual purchases 4 to 5 oz. of human hair, which is prepared, or pre-tipped, for the technique. The stylist separates the individual's natural hair into very small sections. To each section, the stylist applies a bit of wax-based protein. This acts like a glue. The stylist then simply presses the pre-tipped hair onto the natural hair and the protein adheres the hairs together.

What's Needed

Hair extensions done through infusion hair weave can be done on anyone with hair of at least 5 inches long. A consultation is needed before the weave is done so that the stylist can judge how much hair you will need to purchase, how long the weave will take to complete, and what colors of hair should be used. Depending on these factors, getting an infusion hair weave can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,200.

How Long It Lasts

Infusion hair weave extensions can be worn for three to four months. The length of time that one can wear the extensions is determined by how fast one's natural hair grows, what hair care products and other techniques are applied to the extensions, and the individual's hygiene regimen as related to their hair.


Infusion hair weave extensions need to be taken out when there is about an inch and a half of hair growth between the scalp and the area of application. If this is not done, new hair that grows in around the application area can tangle and break, leaving the hair looking unhealthy and unmanaged. When it is time to remove the extensions, they can be broken or slipped off at the application site and reapplied if desired. An individual also can tell that removal is necessary when the protein used to apply the pre-tipped hair begins to turn dust-like.


Individuals with infusion hair weave extensions can do anything to the extensions that they would do to their own hair do the fact that the extensions also are human hair. Dying, curling, drying and washing all are permissible.
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