How to Make a Thank You Card for Wedding Showers for Free

    • 1). Measure the size of your envelopes, which determines the size of your cards. Trim the white cardstock to make it ½ inch shorter on all sides than your envelope. This gives you room to overlap the colored cardstock and still fit the cards inside the envelopes.

    • 2). Arrange your stencil on top of the white cardstock and trace around the edges with a pencil. The type or design of the stencil is your choice, but pick something fairly simple since you'll be cutting this out later. Flowers and stars are a few examples.

    • 3). Cut the traced area from the cardstock with the utility knife, then cut a piece from the colored paper large enough to cover the cut-out area. Use any type of color that you like, but if you use a designed paper, pick a color that works with the colored cardstock to avoid clashing.

    • 4). Turn the cardstock over, face down, and apply a thin layer of glue around the edges of the cut-out area. Lay your colored paper flat on the back and press down. Then apply glue all around the back and layer the colored cardstock on top. You should have the colored cardstock on the inside, the white on the outside and the colored paper sandwiched in the middle.

    • 5). Flip the cardstock back around and lay it flat. Gently press your rubber "thank you" stamp in the ink and then press down on the front of the white cardstock, next to your design. Once the ink dries, include a personal message inside the thank you card for your guest.

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