Tips For Successfully Losing Weight

I loved this book.
The book is written by Robin Gerber.
What makes this book a bit different than other books on leadership is that the book is written by a woman about a woman.
Most of the other books I've read in the category of leadership have been written by men and are almost always about men.
Men and women communicate differently, they write differently and they have different styles of leading.
Eleanor led quite an interesting life and so part of the book speaks of using your past to help you lead in the future.
Robin Gerber is able to use Eleanor's life story to provide motivation to women living today.
Throughout her life, Eleanor Roosevelt took risks and took leadership in roles she had never held before.
She did not start out as a public speaker or newspaper column writer, however through encouragement and support from others she began to speak not only at the white house, but in front of other groups also, and began writing on many topics of public interest.
Gerber's other chapters include information about choosing mentors, facing criticism, developing your own style, and the parallels between mothering and leadership.
This is definitely a book I recommend to both men and women.
For women, it's so wonderful to read about leadership from a female author, and for men, it's a wonderful insight into how to better understand women in leadership roles.
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