How to Breakup With Someone You Live With

    • 1). Prepare a backup place to stay before breaking up with your partner. This might be with friends or family. You should have a couch to stay on for at least a few nights, if not more, if the stress of the breakup becomes too much for you to handle. Staying somewhere else will also put emotional distance between the two of you, which is a difficult but important part of any breakup.

    • 2). Research your lease. You must be prepared if your ex suddenly leaves the apartment. If you are on the lease, you will still be responsible for the full amount of the rent. If this happens, you will have to speak to your landlord about the possibility of breaking your lease early. Giving your landlord as much notice as possible will work in your favor.

    • 3). Follow the etiquette of breaking up carefully. This is especially important because you might not be able to avoid seeing the person after breaking up with them. See the resources section for a thorough guide to breaking up amicably.

    • 4). Make preparations to move out or find another roommate. Have a conversation with your ex about living arrangements going forward. Think about it before breaking up to get a solid idea of what you would like to happen. Perhaps you are both willing to try to live together until the lease is up, so that you both have enough time to make other living arrangements. If not, you need to have another place to stay lined up, with enough money saved.

    • 5). Work with your former partner to set ground rules if you decide to continue living together. You might want to consider things like either keeping groceries and household items separate or sharing them and new sleeping arrangements. You might also want to discuss more nuanced emotional issues like whether or not it is okay to bring a new partner home.

    • 6). Save up as much money as you can. If your ex moves out, you might have to replace household items and furniture they brought with them. If household items, such as groceries or repairs, were shared, you will now have to shoulder the entire amount. Have a financial plan in place.

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