Free Web Page Hosting - Quick Info for Halfwits and Tightwads

Poor as a church mouse? Got the technological know-how of a cow put out to pasture? No matter.
There is no reason why you --yes YOU-- cannot have a classy fully functioning website up and runningin as little as ten minutes.
If you're just taking your first teetering baby steps towards hosting a website on the internet, there has never been a better time to take advantage of some fantastic free goodies.
Despite it still not being wholly reliable, free web hosting has traveled leaps and bounds over the years.
It is now more than ever an excellent way to get your feet wet in the world of web design without having to lay any cash on the barrel whatsoever.
Five years ago, free web page hosting was typically provided by services like Geocities which gave you a kind of bare-bones, ad-supported package with no PHP or MySQL support, no FTP accounts, no shopping cart scripts and certainly no means to host your own domain name.
Oh yeah and did I mention the butt ugly banner ads? Back then, the main attraction behind these kind of free web site hosting packages was a non-techie administration panel which provided you with easy site builder wizards, ready made guestbooks, and easy-install feedback forms and web counters.
This was basically 'free web hosting for dummies'.
You didn't have to know squat about hosting a website or even about web design for that matter.
All you needed to sign up for a free site was a name and an email address and, presto, you were up and running.
Nowadays, free web page hosting can provide you with a wide array of bells and whistles that typically accompany packages provided by any affordable business web hosting service.
This means that if you're an advanced webmaster, you can now have free web hosting with PHP-MySQL support, FTP accounts, shopping cart scripts, domain name hosting, no ads (no kidding) and, most importantly, script installers like Fantastico or Elefante.
The latter is where it's really at if you're not an advanced webmaster and/or you have no web design skills.
Using a script installer, you can have a classy Wordpress blog up and running in a matter of minutes.
And you won't have to know the first thing about HTML, CSS, PHP or any other nerdlinger web coding language that could potentially take you up to six light years to master (actually HTML isn't all that hard, but I digress...
) By the way, there is a plethora of free easy-to-install Wordpress templates at your disposal.
Many of them are really quite beautiful and are suitable to front all kinds of web site ideas.
And of course, if you really want to go all out, you could actually register yourself a domain name (less than $10 a year).
Then you can have your domain name hosted by a free web host and launch your classy Wordpress blog and NO ONE WILL KNOW you did it all on the cheap because you won't have one of those free host subdomain URLs or any cheesy banner ads blowing your cover.
There go all your excuses.
It's not rocket science.
It won't cost you an arm and a leg (won't cost you anything if you use a subdomain).
It won't look like crap because you're not a web designer.
So what are you waiting for?
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