Search Engine Optimization in Brief For Bloggers

As a good blogger you should not only focus on how many posts you post, but should also focus on how you optimise your site/blog and get your blog into Search results on the first 3 pages.
People who need information on Search engine will obviously not go through every page of search results but instead go till maximum of let us say 10 in average.
So its important to tune our site friendly according to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, AOL and etc.
Creating post is important but its also important how you tune your web content for search engine to point your page.
Why is Search Engine Optimization very important?, The answer is simple because if you want your site to receive more traffic or visitors, the best way is through Search Results.
The most dependent Search Engine is Google as i would say.
So we will focus our optimization on giving priority to Google Search Engine.
The first thing every one of us should know is that nothing is achieved over night.
Optimising your site is a process of hard work and can go from months to years.
Search Engine algorithms are not always the same and its also very complex.
These algorithms can vary time to time, in accordance to its change you should be able to stick with the algorithm it asks for.
There are several ways and methods how you can do this.
But in short what you need most is Optmising your web page with relevant content according to your topic and most referred keyword used by our readers to the topic we are posting on and other optimising strategies in tuning our web pages to meet the Search engine bots likeness towards our page content and also most importantly Quality backlinks from quality websites that has a higher page rank, which will allow you to get a good page rank.
As a result Google which we consider the main traffic source for traffic will get us good page rank as well, and declares the importance of our web pages from Page Rank 0(Less important and priority) to Page Rank 10(High importance to search results and priority).
Search Engine optimization in Short:
  • Each post or web page should have its unique title post and the post content or body should have descriptive content in accordance to its keywords, and search engine bots reads the number of times your keyword for the post, so therefore the keywords should be in your post in regular intervals but not too much, let say for a descriptive post 10-15 would do.
  • When your posting, always give your title tag the best keyword.
    Let say you want to know about Search engine optimization, so if your delivering a post on about Search engine optimization, the one best title tag would be "What is Search Engine Optimization" for instance.
    This is just an example.
    And also you may have noticed on search engine results the title tags of the post are displayed on large fonts and descriptions displayed in small, so therefore selecting a title tag is also very important.
    When search engine bots go through your web pages and if you have a lower page rank there is no possibility that bots will read all your web content, so its also important that you give your best keywords to the post at the beginning of your post and the end of your post.
  • Always remember to scatter your keywords place to place in each paragraph or line intervals.
    And always remember to use your high value keywords of your post in the First Paragrapgh or or in the beginning of your post and also at the end.
  • Keywords and if you feel any phrase or words that is important to your post is more selective, bold them, because bolded text are referred a strong keyword that your pointing at in the point of view to search engine bots, but bolding out too many keywords can make search engine bots unhappy, so may be 5 bolds in your post would do.
  • Usually when search engine bots go through your pages it often does not go through all the contents of your page instead it goes through the right top beginning of your web page, at the end of your blog web page and also for header lines and for bolded, italicize and underline phrases and words.
    But usually we our self rarely have phrases or words at the right beginning of our page because most of us like our web page look attractive and go for images instead.
    Obviously web page should look attractive and attract the eyes of our readers.
    As most of us use header images, its very necessary for us to state the the alternative tag also referred to as ALT tag.
  • We have two types of links.
    Inbound links and the outbound links.
    Inbound Links are links that are linking internal to our web pages and and outbound links are links that are external to our webpage.
    Having a lot of inbound links from high Page rank (PR) sites and other sites can help us achieve a good page rank but having a lot of outbound links from our site can cause PR retardation.
    Its no issue having outbound links to high PR sites but having outbound links to lower PR sites can be a issue.
    So its also very important that you have many inbound links and have a little outbound links.
    People try to optimize this by not having any outbound links, even this can be a issue sometimes therefore having outbound links for high PR links and important sites can be better.
  • Always update your blog with fresh and quality content.
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