How to Record Fireworks On a PV-GS59

    • 1). Remove any lens filter from camera. Lens filters often remove light that enters into the camera lens. However, because you are shooting in a low-light setting, you will need all the natural light possible.

    • 2). Move away from any artificial light sources. This will cast light pollution onto your video camera, reducing the quality of footage you are able to record.

    • 3). Set the Panasonic video camera to "Manual Focus." Then, adjust the small wheel on the rear of the device until the fireworks come into clear view on your viewfinder. In "Autofocus", the camera may not pick up the firework's information, or will move in and out of focus. Setting the camera to "Manual Focus", then adjusting it yourself ensures the focus stays on the fireworks.

    • 4). Lock the video camera down onto a tripod on an even surface. This helps reduce any shaking and also ensures the lighting does not change. Direct the camera up so any nearby lamps, buildings or other features are not visible. Any nearby subject matter may throw off the white balance of the video, which will change the actual color and brightness of the recorded fireworks.

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