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If you have a medical malpractice situation, you need expert legal advice and you want to find a lawyer who will get you paid without charging you upfront fees, one who will take your case on a contingency basis.
What you need are the law office of; Pick a Lawyer.
Have you seen these ads on Television? Everyone out trying to find the perfect lawyer to get free money? Finding a Medical Malpractice lawyer is easy, as there are so many of them.
In fact one estimate was there was a medical malpractice lawyer for every five doctors and each one had at least 5-10 cases going on at all times.
What does this mean? Well it is an incredible burden on the medical profession and it is costing all of us higher medical insurance premiums and costs when something goes wrong.
Why is America allowing the legal profession to destroy the medical health care system in this nation? One answer by a medical mal practice lawyer was; Hey do not blame me, I have a family to feed too and I have a right to make a living? Gee Whiz, I think a famous band robber once said that too.
Actually so did John Gotti Jr.
after his conviction.
It is amazing we put up with this nonsense in America and I suppose you still want to find a medical malpractice lawyer in order to sue our nation's medical infrastructure into oblivion don't you? Thanks for nothing, dear Sir.
Consider all this in 2006.
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